People of faith gather to “stand as one”

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A cool breeze danced through a crowd of about 150 people as the sun set in Birmingham tonight. People of many faiths gathered to stand in solidarity with those in Charlottesville, Va., a city that was recently descended upon by throngs of violent alt-right groups and ended with many injuries and one death.

The evening in Birmingham began with a series of multifaith prayers and then ended with a rally around the spouting fountain at Linn Park. Men, women and children of many ethnicities, ages and backgrounds shouted as one:

Tell me what democracy looks like?

THIS is what democracy looks like.

Tell me what America looks like?

THIS is what America looks like.

Esperanza Spalding will breeze through on July 1

Ahhh… Esperanza Spalding. Even her name is musical! When I first heard this doe-eyed beauty’s ethereal voice and funky, breezy jazzmatazz rhythms, I was hooked. The 30 year-old jazz bassist, cellist and singer has won three Grammys and wowed audiences with her critically acclaimed “Junjo” (2006), “Esperanza” (2008), “Chamber Music Society” (2010) and “Radio Music Society” (2012).

She has a hauntingly beautiful soprano voice that screams of being classically trained while at the same time having just enough edge to get the attention of lovers of NeoSoul and Hip Hop. If Roberta Flack and Michael Jackson had a baby, it’d be Esperanza!

She’ll be in Birmingham on Wednesday, July 1 at Iron City downtown. Tickets for the 8 p.m. show are $30 in advance and $33 the day of the concert. Get more details here:

I’ll probably see you there.